Welcome to liminal space. It’s lovely to have you here!

Liminal Space is the newsletter I would have loved to read as I pondered making big changes in my 20s. After three years working on Wall Street in New York City, I packed up my life and moved to Barcelona with two suitcases.

At the time, I searched blindly for people who had torn up their pretty good lives to take a chance at living exactly how they wanted, and came up empty. Liminal Space is written like the friend I wish I had then who could have whispered me some wisdom as I quit my job, quit drinking, and then quit my life as I knew it.

Liminal Space shares lessons learned in love and creativity, articles that inspire me, and general cool things happening around the world.

You can read more about me and how Liminal Space came to be here. These days, I live in Edinburgh, Scotland with my boyfriend, Gustavo (who I refer to as G). Thank you for being here!

If you’re catching up, start with a few of my most popular posts:


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quitting, starting, and how the former becomes the latter. essays from a 27 year-old living in scotland.


Sarah Wood

writer living in scotland by way of spain, nyc, and michigan