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I found you through recommendations made on Substack Writers Hour!

This is the third post of yours that i have read with an opening heart and tears gathering in my eyes. Your work is so well crafted, so sweet and gentle, so wise and so obviously in divine alignment that I am deeply moved and mentally elevated.

I celebrate that you had the courage to take a great leap of faith in leaving your old life in NYC and chose to follow the inner guidance of your own intution…which created open space around you for all the fresh blessings to flow…BRAVO SARAH!

I have tasted so many newsletters today, looking for the cream…for ones to resonate with me at a soul level with great writing and a wide open road ahead…and yours is the only one I am subscribing to. I look forward to staying with you on your journey and gratefully reading each new post….

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Soooooo excited for you! Gives me goosebumps. I know your JOY will only continue multiplying! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as you continue your beautiful journey!

Sending a HUGE hug! XO

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Love this piece and I love that life is going so well for you. I think it's very interesting how I've been following this advice for the past year or two but I didn't even know how to verbalize it. As someone who believes that writing is about verbalizing things that I can't I would like to thank you for that. I would also like to mention as someone who is also building a substack that focuses on self improvement and self development, yours is very inspirational and I'm very glad I found it. Congrats again!

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I have been checking out several Substack’s this morning, looking for the golden ones that I want to read more of and invite into my life and inbox with a subscription. It’s sad, but most are the same old same old stuff which does not give me that sought after feeling of UPLIFT that i am seeking.

And then I found you through another reader’s recommendation and I am moved to tears by your writing, which is so authentic, clear and radiant with sweet loving energy! You are a treasure and I hope you are knowing that as you take us with you on your writing journey.

We all doubt and second guess ourselves all the time…until we discover, in moments of inspiring clarity, the beauty of who we really are and embark upon the liberating journey of developing an ever expansive love relationship with ourselves.

Thank you for your boldness of moving up into higher levels of your life where you make choices intuitively, leaping out on faith, making your way forward on your terms.

As Eleanor Roosevelt declared…”The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”….and Helen Keller said…”Life is either a bold adventure…or nothing!”

I am building a Substack called “The Dawning Light” and would love to give you a subscrition when we start publishing…all i need is your email. I would welcome any feedback from you on my writing…Meanwhile, dear one, Shine On!

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Couldn't agree with this one more

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